Merry Yule!

Posted by Laota On December 23, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Oh, hello there, friends. I didn’t hear you come in, you dirty sneaks. Welcome to my semi-annual Yule party, where I drag out all my tired-ass crap from years gone by. And who’s that I hear on the rooftop? Why, it’s Odin, come to thieve all the cookies of good little heathens!

Let’s all get lit and read this sweet-ass poem, A Visit From Odin.

Oh, and let’s not forget the Marvel fans, who’ve been very good this year. For those of you who’ve come looking for Thor, Loki and Odin from the movie, here’s “A Yule Story” part one, two and three!

Keep warm, my stupids, and Merry What-Not!





Farewell and adieu to the small English cowards
Farewell and adieu to the Christians of Spain
We’ve taken their treasures and defiled all their churches
And they’ll pray that they’re never to see us again

For we hunt and we brawl like true Viking Women
We’ll hunt and we’ll brawl on sea and land
Until we’re cut down on the fields of our passing
Gone to Valhalla, at the Twilight we’ll stand….

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